Lilian Adsense & tip for new bloggers to draw traffic

LOL, I found on my sitemeter the search for “lilian adsense“. Someone out there obviously want to know more about Adsense. But I hope I am not the Lilian they are looking for.

Then again, it could be me. Because majority is my name and my blogs plus those that I posted comments which totalled 16,000 pages. It seems that is back on Google! Yay! Liew is the one who gave me tips to optimised my blogs for Adsense.

To the curious cat who hunts for “lilian adsense”, I hope you find what you are looking for. But I am sure many of you are also wondering how much I make from Adsense per month. Well, it is four figure in Ringgit Malaysia, on the lowest end of four figure ok? But as you know, it is not a fixed income so I never feel ‘secure’ with it.
Another useful tip – Always glance through your stats and know what people are looking for. If your site is new, make a post using that keyword to draw more traffic in future. For e.g. my son’s blog on skateboarding? He found that a lot of people search for ‘online skateboarding’. So I teach him to find some good links and share it. Blog it under the title ‘Online skateboarding’. Sure enough, it gets more traffic. Of course, he is only 14 years old, so he doesn’t bother much about updating his blog every day. But that lucky guy has been receiving a lot of freebies from all over the world including China. They found him online and the blog sorts of give good impression of him. Then again, hehehe, he sure can write well, I must say. ‘Cos he hangs out at skateboarding forums with adults and very senior people and learnt his English and skateboarding skills from them. A blogger and hopefully pro-skater in the making?

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    (November 18, 2006 - 7:49 am)

    Hi Lillian – glad you are doing well in your blogging venture.


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