It has been a while since I bother to check my blog stats. I have been busy with citizen journalism and especially video journalism. Sometimes, I have to spend four to five hours on location just to wait for something to take place.

It is not rewarding in terms of monetary wise but the satisfaction is knowing that I have been able to report news as they happened. So many times, I have noticed how some mainstream media tend to ‘miss out’ certain parts in their reporting.

Right now, I am busy following through with some eviction issue that has taken so many twists and turns. I want to see a closure before I can finally reduce my involvement in citizen journalism.

To those of you who do not read my personal blog, maybe I should share what citizen journalism is. It is part of the new media whereby citizens like me report news based on journalism ethics. The above video is an exclusive interview I had with the Chief Minister of Penang on his thoughts on citizen journalism.


Now, what about P1 Wimax? Well, apparently, the speed at my place suxs. I blogged about it and didn’t think too much about that post. I just discovered that my post is now on the first page of Google. Not good….not good at all…..muahahar….It’s not my fault, ok? Google just lurveeeeee me!

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