My hubby went to cash out the money from my Google Adsense income through Western Union – CIMB. He mumbled a figure to me and I went, “Really, cannot be! According to my calculations, it should be around ‘X’ amount of money only.

Hubby took out the slip and showed me. Now, that got both of us puzzled because it cannot be that much. So, hubby mumbled that maybe the bank cashier must have made a mistake.

Upon reaching home, he took out the calculator and after conversion, we found that the exchange rate we get is RM3.63 per one US dollar. The usual rate was less than RM3.40 and on better days, it was hovering around RM3.43.

Now, that is way cool! So much extra money due to the foreign exchange rate. This gives me extra motivation to work harder on making money online.

So, what exchange did you get?

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