This is an ambitious project to help everyone to claim their place on the internet. It is started by me aka 5xmom who has absolutely no knowledge or education related computers, IT or web-building. If I can do it, anyone can.

I have started web building since 2003 and through sheer determination and an eagerness to learn, I have to-date own 12 domains, is an avid blogger, forums owner and an active individual in the community.

I will go down to the basics and share what I learn so that everyone, young and old with just basic knowledge of the English language can claim their place on the internet. I hope to get more and more people to put their voices on the huge, borderless world call the internet so that good can triumph over evil. :) Is that ambitious enough?

Just jump right in and absorb what you need to know about the internet. Trust me, it is real simple! Quickly bookmark this site now and let me guide you through. If you follow long enough, I may even teach you how to earn money from the internet. Is that a good deal or what?


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