If you are looking for local Malaysian blogs to read, you can find them at Blogged.my.

If you are a blogger desperate for traffic and wish to find a place to broadcast your new post, you can sign up with Blogged.my and ping your posts.

If you are a WordPress.org user like me, then, just sign up an account, add your long list of blogs, copy the ping URL over to your Setting > Writing > Update Services and let it roll on its own. It is a no brainer.

So far, the list of blogs appearing there looks good to me so that’s why I am giving it a buzz. I don’t know who develop the site but I hope there is no censorship.

There are other local blog aggregator services as well but some of them are concentrated to certain types of blogs. For example, Nuffnang Innit is like a bunch of teens blogs so I normally do not like to submit my posts there. What with monkeys who have nothing better to do than to nang and then, boast about it. Then, there is the old and reliable PPS but lately, my personal blog seem to ‘lag’, i.e. the ping doesn’t appear until many minutes later. I suspect I need to go through the Perbadanan Penyemakan Sampah (PPS) before my post is found suitable for the platform.

So, yeah, give Blogged.my a try before they close shop like so many other services.

Oh did I tell you I also had one blog aggregator before? But I was too lazy to maintain it. It is no fun administering a blog ping services where people take for granted and you don’t earn a cent from advertisements.

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