I haven’t received payments from a few paid post companies because I never bother to fill in some tax forms to declare that my income are not taxable. It is only recently that we foreigners are asked by these US companies to declare that we are not US citizens.

The form looks so complicated to me and so, I never bother to look. I meant to email it to my hubby to help me check what I am committing myself to. Since he is also busy, it looks like I won’t be getting the payments anytime soon.

I wonder if other Malaysians have filled in the forms for the US companies?

Please note that I am talking about the income we earned from US companies.

If you are making money through Malaysian ads companies like Nuffnang, remember that you have to declare your income to our local Malaysian income tax department if your total income (including your salaries etc) are above a certain figure. (I think it is RM3K per month?)

And don’t ask me if we Malaysians have to pay income tax for money we made from US companies. I don’t know. Some people said offshore income are not taxable. Some people said it is taxable. Wateva…

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