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If you recognise where this screenshot is taken from, good.
If you don’t, you probably missed one of the best place to make money online in Malaysia.

A cool RM3K is coming this month and also the next. I have made it a point to spend one third of my local income on me, myself, I every month. And I notice I have under-pampered myself because the credit card bill just arrived and I only spent RM1.3K on my credit card bills and most of them are purchases I made for groceries, books and stuffs for my sons.

So, must make it a point to spend more on myself so that I have more motivation to make more money.

I think I could make twice the amount if I have lived in KL because all the goodies go to KL bloggers. Penang bloggers are often passed over because we are not the cool and happening crowd. Another thing is some local advertisers hate me for my political stand. Not that I care, doh…..I won’t change the tune of my blog, everrrr to suit advertisers. Take it or leave it, I don’t really care.

So how much have you made from this company?

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