Malaysian advertisers requiring disclosure

Recently, local advertisers in Malaysia through the middleman ads company require bloggers like me to disclose our local advertorials. I have written many advertorials without a disclosure and most times, my blog readers do not know it is a paid post. I did not deceive them but did not exactly openly declared that I get […]

Hiaks…Celebrating my first RM30K

If you recognise where this screenshot is taken from, good. If you don’t, you probably missed one of the best place to make money online in Malaysia. A cool RM3K is coming this month and also the next. I have made it a point to spend one third of my local income on me, myself, […]

I have completed rehab

Most make money bloggers will tell you about their addictions to checking blog traffic stats and also checking the pennies and cents that trickle in during the whole day. Sometimes, the addiction is so bad, we check almost everytime we are near the computer. Sometimes, we check every few minutes. And when we are away […]

Online income and recession

There is so much talk about the US recession being an L shape and Malaysia recession being a U shape and not a V shape etc etc. Being an average income family, I do not worry so much about the recession hitting my family. However, I can foresee it affecting my online income. Recession is […]

Advertlets has not pay since last year?

I don’t subscribed to many local make money blogs feeds because most of them are just basically copy and paste jobs. But here is one that works really hard. Shamoneymaker is a Singaporean and he puts a lot of dedication into his writings, analysing and dissecting information and produce original posts. According to Sha : […]

No time = no money

This is the second week I am doing chauffeuring my four sons. From kindie to college to secondary school, round and round from 9 am till about 6.30 pm on some days. By the end of the day, my brain cannot function anymore. I didn’t know driving can be so exhausting! What with the mad […]