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01Mar wOOt! RM3.63 against USD1

My hubby went to cash out the money from my Google Adsense income through Western Union – CIMB. He mumbled a figure to me and I went, “Really, cannot be! According to my calculations, it should be around ‘X’ amount of money only. Hubby took out the slip and showed me. Now, that got both […]

15Oct Do you notice a drop in Adsense income?

This is not looking good. It is already half a month and my Adsense has not touched the normal figure I expected monthly. Unless there is some Divine Intervention or Googlegod taking pity on me, I definitely will not get the same amount like September. So, I am wondering if it is just me or […]

06Oct What is your highest income from a single Google Adsense click?

We have read so much bullshits from internet marketeers who bluffed that they make tens of thousands USD from Google Adsense. It is always the ‘buy our program, instal and within 3 minutes, you will be making money from Google Adsense’. Those are total lies. But if you have a lot of money to spare […]

29Sep The exchange rate I get from Western Union/CIMB is only RM3.31=USD1 – What’s yours?

I just cashed out my Google Adsense income from CIMB through Western Union bank and the rate is USD1 equivalent to RM3.31 only. Chey, I was expecting RM3.45. Hehehe, I know, I know, higher rate spells bad news for our country but then, what the heck? I am not the Finance Minister of Malaysia, you […]

14Aug I hate living in Malaysia

And this is why : We’ve heard your feedback about the availability of video units, so we’ve expanded the languages and geographies where they’re supported. We’ve added French, German, and Spanish to our list of supported languages, and also Brazil, Germany, India, and Mexico to the list of supported countries. To help you determine whether […]

09Aug What you need to know about Google Adsense click fraud and invalid clicks

For those who put Adsense on your blog, I hope you have not missed out this post which explains what are click fraud and invalid clicks. I have bolded the parts where some publishers are guilty of committing without realizing it. Anyway, I believe Google has eyes everywhere and you cannot escape if you commit […]

31Jul Google Adsense finally pay day

I have been checking my Google Adsense Payment History like one week ago. You see, I normally cash out my money from CIMB in Queensbay Mall. My kids love to go there for shopping but it is way out of my home. So, I had been telling them to wait for Google Payday so that […]