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28Aug Are you making use of Twitter and Facebook?

This post is for those who haven’t discovered the power of Twitter and Facebook. Chan LilianCreate Your Badge If you haven’t signed up with Twitter or Facebook and yet, hope to make money online blogging, please do so now. I joined Twitter like two years ago when it was first introduced. However, I never make […]

13Apr Giving a buzz

If you are looking for local Malaysian blogs to read, you can find them at If you are a blogger desperate for traffic and wish to find a place to broadcast your new post, you can sign up with and ping your posts. If you are a user like me, then, just […]

20Feb Malaysians asked to fill in US tax forms

I haven’t received payments from a few paid post companies because I never bother to fill in some tax forms to declare that my income are not taxable. It is only recently that we foreigners are asked by these US companies to declare that we are not US citizens. The form looks so complicated to […]

15Feb Best, free spyware, virus and adware protection software, anyone?

Just a quick post. Anyone has recommendation for free virus protection, spyware and adware protection software which I can download online? My new laptop comes with McAfee but it is expiring soon. I tried using Spyware Terminator but it bothers the hell out of me with the constant warning. So, I have uninstalled. I am […]

19Jan Three days, only 3-day is all it takes to get organic traffic to a new blog

About a week ago, I activated one of my dormant domain. I bought the domain for more than a year and never bother to even set up a WordPress blog on it. But I went and set up a new WordPress blog for that domain. I added three posts. I added a Sitemeter. Then, I […]

10Jan Is your pretty, lil blog theme hindering or helping your site?

I am not a creative person. In fact, I am very lazy in Photoshop-ing because the program slows down my Mac and I couldn’t be bothered with beautiful banners or blog themes. As a WordPress user, all I need is to find some free blog theme and get working. I rarely hire people to make […]

08Jan Questions on getting on top search engine results and replying comments

Our blog is our own territory. I never let my blog readers or commentors to dictate what I post and I will tell them to fly kite when they overstepped that boundary. Hehehe.