nuffnang cheque

Oh, my hubby tie is placed there cos I am too lazy to pixelate out the address using computer software.

So, how’s your income from Nuffnang? Are you still making money? Have you signed up for Churp-Churp dot com? I don’t know exactly how it works, how much it pays etc but I had signed up and was suppose to tweet something.

Oh ya, if you are a making money blogger and you still don’t have a Twitter account, then, you are missing out a lot. Don’t live in the dinosaur age, go get a Twitter account already! RSS is like so yesterday already.

You may ask, “Do I get that much money from Nuffnang every month?” Well…lucky no. Cos if it is, then, I have to pay income tax, a lot! I just cashed out another RM2K just now. So, maybe it is not a monthly thing but a little bit longer than that.

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