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08Dec Malaysian advertisers requiring disclosure

Recently, local advertisers in Malaysia through the middleman ads company require bloggers like me to disclose our local advertorials.

I have written many advertorials without a disclosure and most times, my blog readers do not know it is a paid post. I did not deceive them but did not exactly openly declared that I get certain services and products for free and my post is a paid post.

In US, it is against the law not to disclose a sponsored post. Over here, I believe there is now such law implemented for local ads. Therefore, I wonder what other Malaysian bloggers think of disclosing a paid post?

I feel it is not exactly necessary to openly say ‘This is a paid post’ if I personally know the products well and have used it. Otherwise, I would study it well, weigh the pros and cons, state them in my blog post and do not see why I need to tell.

For example, I once wrote a very tough subject about hybrid cars. I know nothing about hybrid cars but my son does. So, I paid him a portion of my income and get him to read, study, research and explain to me. Then, I personally wrote the post. Whether it was paid or not, at least I learn a new thing and my blog readers benefited from reading about it.

At other times, I get free hair removal services, free slimming courses and etc and whatever I shared in the blog post are my real experiences. I do not see why I need to tell my blog readers that I get those expensive services for free too. The most is they think I am that frivolous to get hair removal. The worst is they think I am being a boastful blogger who uses free services without disclosing. Other than that, I did not add any fake testimonials or give any false information.

So, what do you think? Is it necessary to disclose our paid advertorials locally eventhough we are not required to? I will have to do that from now on but I will put it subtly because I think a straightforward disclosure will denied our advertisers who are paying us good money a proper evaluation. Many blog readers have that mentality that if a post is paid, we are crapping lies.

Then again, as bloggers we need to be truthful and not do hard selling on our advertisers behalf, giving empty promises and such. It works both way. Local advertisers have to choose carefully which bloggers are selected to review and local bloggers have to write professionally so as not to spoil the image of the brandnames.

What’s your point of view?

10Sep So the pagerank came back, huh?

I have stopped using Firefox for a long time already. I normally use Chrome or Safari.

I think I have used Firefox with the annoying green juice marker for pageranks for several months.

This evening, I was using another computer which has only Firefox. And I discovered the pageranks came marching home. All three blogs of mine which were demoted to pagerank zero finally get back a PR3/10 eventhough I did nothing to the blogs.

The lesson I learnt it, if you stop the obssession over pagerank, the world still goes around. We don’t die or something.

Oh, I am not talking about this blog but some other blogs. So long as I sell links on the inner pages, Google will deny me of the green juice.

28Aug Are you making use of Twitter and Facebook?

This post is for those who haven’t discovered the power of Twitter and Facebook.

Chan Lilian

Create Your Badge

If you haven’t signed up with Twitter or Facebook and yet, hope to make money online blogging, please do so now.

I joined Twitter like two years ago when it was first introduced. However, I never make use of them until recently when I can use WordPress plugin and Tweetdeck to make life easier. One little line on Tweetdeck and my Facebook account and even my blog is updated.

The best thing about Tweetdeck is how easy it is to manage keywords I am tracking. I shall not go into details because it is not difficult to manage it.

Tweetdeck is easily installed to your PC and you can track keywords that come up real time. For example, if I am stalking a certain personality, like myself hehehe, I just need to put the search word 5xmom. Anyone who talks about me will immediately showed up on my Tweetdeck panel. This is a little bit of how Technorati works but it is instant.

So, sometimes people freaked out how I know about certain things so fast. That’s my secret.

As for Facebook, if you are a sourpuss who join and try to spam people with your make money ideas, you won’t get very popular. But still it is fun to get connected and be informed. For example, I have Problogger, Darren Rowse as my Facebook ‘friend’ and I know what latest post he has just updated.

With WordPress plugins and all the various social media sites and including Youtube, it is really easy to build the network. My Twitter account is this,

07Aug Yet another RM3,868 cheque

nuffnang cheque

Oh, my hubby tie is placed there cos I am too lazy to pixelate out the address using computer software.

So, how’s your income from Nuffnang? Are you still making money? Have you signed up for Churp-Churp dot com? I don’t know exactly how it works, how much it pays etc but I had signed up and was suppose to tweet something.

Oh ya, if you are a making money blogger and you still don’t have a Twitter account, then, you are missing out a lot. Don’t live in the dinosaur age, go get a Twitter account already! RSS is like so yesterday already.

You may ask, “Do I get that much money from Nuffnang every month?” Well…lucky no. Cos if it is, then, I have to pay income tax, a lot! I just cashed out another RM2K just now. So, maybe it is not a monthly thing but a little bit longer than that.

03Aug 5xmom SEO roxs while P1 Wimax suxs

It has been a while since I bother to check my blog stats. I have been busy with citizen journalism and especially video journalism. Sometimes, I have to spend four to five hours on location just to wait for something to take place.

It is not rewarding in terms of monetary wise but the satisfaction is knowing that I have been able to report news as they happened. So many times, I have noticed how some mainstream media tend to ‘miss out’ certain parts in their reporting.

Right now, I am busy following through with some eviction issue that has taken so many twists and turns. I want to see a closure before I can finally reduce my involvement in citizen journalism.

To those of you who do not read my personal blog, maybe I should share what citizen journalism is. It is part of the new media whereby citizens like me report news based on journalism ethics. The above video is an exclusive interview I had with the Chief Minister of Penang on his thoughts on citizen journalism.


Now, what about P1 Wimax? Well, apparently, the speed at my place suxs. I blogged about it and didn’t think too much about that post. I just discovered that my post is now on the first page of Google. Not good….not good at all…..muahahar….It’s not my fault, ok? Google just lurveeeeee me!

02Aug Are you a full-time make money blogger?

I have just withdrawn USD500 from Paypal. Phew….at least I still have money to withdraw. Lately, my income drops because I have blogged less. The interest to make money blogging seems to take second place nowadays. Maybe it is because my income is more a buffer than the main one so it doesn’t really matter if I am making money or not.

The funny thing about being a full-time blogger who makes money is the lack of respect I get. Or at the other extreme, the kind of ‘I want to leech on you’ kind of interest. Sometimes, I know I am making more than those people who looked with disdain or disbelief when I say I make money blogging. They give me that, “HUH? Don’t try to bullshit. How many pennies can you make from those ads?”

People just don’t believe that we can make money from blogging. I wonder how those professionals who make a living out of online work feel? For me, it doesn’t matter because I am not exactly a full-time blogger as I didn’t sacrifice a ‘real profession’ to stay at home making money. But I would feel terribly discouraged if I am to tell the world I am a full-time blogger because no one believes. They probably think we are ‘good for nothing, too lazy to find a proper job, too stupid to make it in the corporate world, must be some scammer at work’ kind of citizens.

Anyway, I am still on my sabbath and did not really keep up with the latest development in make money blogging. In fact, I almost getting too lazy. Yesterday, I tried changing my personal blog theme but midway, I dropped the idea because I suddenly realised I don’t care about SEO optimised, good ads positioning or care about inserting tracking codes etc. Looking at PHP codes suddenly become too tedious and mind numbing for me.

I wonder what will happen to me in another month or two but never mind…I shall place my trust in God. If I need the money, I will work hard and earn more. If not, I will enjoy doing other things. BTW, did you listen to Darren Rowse’s sharing about the Christian’s faith? I was like, ‘Oh wow…the problogger talking Jesus is just so glorious. It is nice to know that he is not only a blogger but a God loving man. God bless him.

19Jul Good riddance to bad WP plugins

I haven’t been tampering with my blogs much. I don’t post, I don’t update the plugins and didn’t touch any of them except for a couple like my personal and faith blog. It is good to just take a breather sometimes.

However, there is one very, very annoying WordPress plugin that I finally get rid off. I am not sure if the developer is an attention seeker or a real genius who must get everyone to update his plugins every few days. I seriously do not see any improvement in any SEO after using the plugin. But since I have installed it, I let it stays.

Finally, I have enough of the plugin. I just deleted off the All in one SEO pack. It is one of the most cumbersome, annoying plugin because I need to update it like very few days.

What about you? Do you find the plugin helpful?