Malaysian advertisers requiring disclosure

Recently, local advertisers in Malaysia through the middleman ads company require bloggers like me to disclose our local advertorials. I have written many advertorials without a disclosure and most times, my blog readers do not know it is a paid post. I did not deceive them but did not exactly openly declared that I get […]

So the pagerank came back, huh?

I have stopped using Firefox for a long time already. I normally use Chrome or Safari. I think I have used Firefox with the annoying green juice marker for pageranks for several months. This evening, I was using another computer which has only Firefox. And I discovered the pageranks came marching home. All three blogs […]

Are you making use of Twitter and Facebook?

This post is for those who haven’t discovered the power of Twitter and Facebook. Chan LilianCreate Your Badge If you haven’t signed up with Twitter or Facebook and yet, hope to make money online blogging, please do so now. I joined Twitter like two years ago when it was first introduced. However, I never make […]

Yet another RM3,868 cheque

Oh, my hubby tie is placed there cos I am too lazy to pixelate out the address using computer software. So, how’s your income from Nuffnang? Are you still making money? Have you signed up for Churp-Churp dot com? I don’t know exactly how it works, how much it pays etc but I had signed […]

5xmom SEO roxs while P1 Wimax suxs

It has been a while since I bother to check my blog stats. I have been busy with citizen journalism and especially video journalism. Sometimes, I have to spend four to five hours on location just to wait for something to take place. It is not rewarding in terms of monetary wise but the satisfaction […]

Are you a full-time make money blogger?

I have just withdrawn USD500 from Paypal. Phew….at least I still have money to withdraw. Lately, my income drops because I have blogged less. The interest to make money blogging seems to take second place nowadays. Maybe it is because my income is more a buffer than the main one so it doesn’t really matter […]

Good riddance to bad WP plugins

I haven’t been tampering with my blogs much. I don’t post, I don’t update the plugins and didn’t touch any of them except for a couple like my personal and faith blog. It is good to just take a breather sometimes. However, there is one very, very annoying WordPress plugin that I finally get rid […]