I have just withdrawn USD500 from Paypal. Phew….at least I still have money to withdraw. Lately, my income drops because I have blogged less. The interest to make money blogging seems to take second place nowadays. Maybe it is because my income is more a buffer than the main one so it doesn’t really matter if I am making money or not.

The funny thing about being a full-time blogger who makes money is the lack of respect I get. Or at the other extreme, the kind of ‘I want to leech on you’ kind of interest. Sometimes, I know I am making more than those people who looked with disdain or disbelief when I say I make money blogging. They give me that, “HUH? Don’t try to bullshit. How many pennies can you make from those ads?”

People just don’t believe that we can make money from blogging. I wonder how those professionals who make a living out of online work feel? For me, it doesn’t matter because I am not exactly a full-time blogger as I didn’t sacrifice a ‘real profession’ to stay at home making money. But I would feel terribly discouraged if I am to tell the world I am a full-time blogger because no one believes. They probably think we are ‘good for nothing, too lazy to find a proper job, too stupid to make it in the corporate world, must be some scammer at work’ kind of citizens.

Anyway, I am still on my sabbath and did not really keep up with the latest development in make money blogging. In fact, I almost getting too lazy. Yesterday, I tried changing my personal blog theme but midway, I dropped the idea because I suddenly realised I don’t care about SEO optimised, good ads positioning or care about inserting tracking codes etc. Looking at PHP codes suddenly become too tedious and mind numbing for me.

I wonder what will happen to me in another month or two but never mind…I shall place my trust in God. If I need the money, I will work hard and earn more. If not, I will enjoy doing other things. BTW, did you listen to Darren Rowse’s sharing about the Christian’s faith? I was like, ‘Oh wow…the problogger talking Jesus is just so glorious. It is nice to know that he is not only a blogger but a God loving man. God bless him.

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