No time = no money

This is the second week I am doing chauffeuring my four sons. From kindie to college to secondary school, round and round from 9 am till about 6.30 pm on some days. By the end of the day, my brain cannot function anymore. I didn’t know driving can be so exhausting! What with the mad […]

So easy to scam people for money

I do not know if it annoys you, the bloggers when people mistook your site to be someone else site? It does get to me. I get all sorts of noob questions thinking that I am someone else. Let me note down how many fake identities I can play : 1) fortune teller 2) fengshui […]

Starting work on an auspicious day

Some Chinese are highly superstitious and observe a lot of do’s and don’ts to obtain good luck. They will check with the fortune teller and calendar to see when is an auspicious time to resume business after the Chinese New Year celebrations. When opening business premises, it is normally done by lighting a lot of […]