Some Chinese are highly superstitious and observe a lot of do’s and don’ts to obtain good luck. They will check with the fortune teller and calendar to see when is an auspicious time to resume business after the Chinese New Year celebrations.

When opening business premises, it is normally done by lighting a lot of firecrackers and giving of ‘lai see’ or angpows which are red packets with money inside to employees.

So, is that why I haven’t been blogging over here on my make money blog for so many days? Is it because I am waiting for an auspicious time to resume blogging?

Nay…..I don’t believe in superstitions. I didn’t blog for so many days because the new year festivities have drained me out. Moreover, things are getting very slow lately. There are no exciting news on the make money online arena, as far as I am concerned.

Income for January 2009 wasn’t too bad because of the December spike of Christmas shopping. January was ok too because some of my food blogs did very well due to Chinese New Year recipes and foods searches.

However, I do wonder what February will bring? It is the shortest month. Business is slow globally. Some paid post companies are killing the industry with 50 US cent for PR 1/10 blog. So, yeah, gloomy days ahead.

But that’s not the end. It is time to work harder and be more creative in finding new oasis.

So, let’s set off some firecrackers and begin a new year full of promises and obstacles.

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