I do not know if it annoys you, the bloggers when people mistook your site to be someone else site? It does get to me. I get all sorts of noob questions thinking that I am someone else. Let me note down how many fake identities I can play :

1) fortune teller
2) fengshui master
3) PM’s right-hand man
4) bomber man *ahem*
5) lucky number predictor
6) charitable organisation
7) examination scholar
8) aunt agony who sells lucky charm

etc etc.

If I am unscrupulous, I can easily get them to give me money. But heavens forbid!

It is a sad that people are so easily scammed and they are not educated or being made aware on the danger of the internet. Some of these people are desperate due to their situation. So, what can I do?

I can only pray that there are less scammers out there and more IT literate people. If you have the skill, opportunity and time, please do your part to educate your mother, grandmother, aunties in the neighbourhood, retirees in the community, little nephews and nieces, school kids, innocent young girls and boys and etc about being scammed and parted with their hard earned money.

This is a community message brought to you by the 5xmom.

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