Advertlets Kanasai? LOL

Here is one darn frustrated guy who opens a blog just for Advertlets. I am not sure how to translate the meaning of Kanasai but it has to do with the f word and shit. This is what he said : Ahh! Don’t listen to all these Advertlets bullshit! They talk craps. They don’t keep […]

So easy to scam people for money

I do not know if it annoys you, the bloggers when people mistook your site to be someone else site? It does get to me. I get all sorts of noob questions thinking that I am someone else. Let me note down how many fake identities I can play : 1) fortune teller 2) fengshui […]

People get scammed through

I received an email from someone who wrote to me personally. I cannot verify if this is indeed true. But no harm sharing it, just in case there are others who fall into the same scam. Sam <> wrote: Hi Ms. Lilian, I just want to share my experience with you. Recently I posted […]

Credit card fraud in an island

Whenever I pay for my Google Adwords using the credit card, even for USD50, they will phone the main card holder, my hubby. I find it a chore to get such calls and usually, refrain from using credit card for any payment. I hate being asked by hubby, “DId you just paid USD50 to blablabla company?”

More on Innity

After my post on the problems of getting too many mails from Innity, Shadowfox has commented in my post on Innity : Innity is the most fucking annoying advertisement aggregator online. All their bloody ads uses flash crap that jams up your screen and stops navigation of the site. You can’t even click some hyperlinks […]

Advertlets as blogged on

Advertlets publishers may want to read about Wong Tech Jung who is a Chinese blogger who didn’t get the payments from Advertlets. has a guest post and I hope to alert bloggers and publishers. I cannot verify if the claim is true or not. Still, it is good to hear both sides of the […]