This is the second week I am doing chauffeuring my four sons. From kindie to college to secondary school, round and round from 9 am till about 6.30 pm on some days.

By the end of the day, my brain cannot function anymore. I didn’t know driving can be so exhausting! What with the mad scramble by parents in their cars, trying to get closest to the school/college gate, traffic jam, school and office hours clashes and etc etc.

Sometimes, I see the money but my body and mind just refused to grab it. I let assignments expire. I didn’t log in to take any paid posts. I am giving myself the whole month of February to vege out until I get into a routine. There is a school holiday in March so I hope I can bounce back to blogging, reading about make money blogging, sniff for new resources and etc.

Meantime, I am even too tired to bother about updating my blogs. My food blogs have been neglected temporary eventhough I still eat and cook. I am too tired to take photos or bother with any bloggable material stuffs.

So, there is only one conclusion – If you have no time, forget about making money online.

Thank God I have some passive income through text links sold, Adsense and other hidden links sold. Otherwise, I have gone totally broke.

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