Wonder if I should go ‘legal’?

I just logged into one of my paid post companies and found over 14 posts to be written. Sigh…once upon a time, I will be happy. But lately, I have so many things, priorities changed. I have also not been responding to some of the companies that provided me the posts and I have to […]

Google + Youtube + Gmail = our god

I just signed in to my Youtube account and was asked if I want to merge my Youtube account with Google. I am not sure about others but with all these mergers and takeovers and whatnots, soon Google is going to watch every breath we take and every shit we make. LOL. Let’s wait for […]

Donation to the meals for the homeless

First of all, thank you very much for the contributions for meals for the homeless. I have collected more than what I required. Since the money are from all of you, I must produce the expenditures : I spent about RM280. Two receipts for the purchase of chicken, vegetables and spices are shown above. I […]

You got USD2 to spare? Can you donate?

Gee, I feel kind of funny to ask people for donations. I use my son to do the dirty job on my personal blog and my recipe blog. But I think it is easier I ask it head on because many of you have PayPal account. Do you have USD2 to spare? Can you donate […]

Starting work on an auspicious day

Some Chinese are highly superstitious and observe a lot of do’s and don’ts to obtain good luck. They will check with the fortune teller and calendar to see when is an auspicious time to resume business after the Chinese New Year celebrations. When opening business premises, it is normally done by lighting a lot of […]

‘Sau Koong’ or wrapping up for the year

The year of the rat is coming to an end soon. Chinese will celebrate a new year on Monday, 26th January 2009. It is the year of the ox. In tradition, Chinese businesses will wrapped up for the year in anticipation of the celebration. Sort of tying up loose ends, close shop for a few […]