Why it is good to get mentioned by another blogger

Yesterday, AhPek, my blog buddy wrote a piece that warms my heart – A Recomendation is better than all SEO.

Here is what he wrote:

My inpirational queen, Lilian, said it very well. We should not forget our blogging roots. We should always think back and feel for those who have just started blogging. The dejected feeling of coming to our own blogs day in and day out to see that no one has commented and see that no one has even came and read what we thought was a super kick ass post. Yea, I have been through that.

So it’s back to good old friendly bloggers who are willing to help those starting out a push start. I try to do my little bit. When I see blogs with some potential or when I am approached by newbies to help, I do try to recommend them in my blog. Not to say I’m going to send them thousands of readers as I myself don’t have that much, but at least 30 or 40 will be curious enough to drop by and from there I hope they will get enough inspiration to keep going.

So whatever SEO tricks that you use, whatever SEO codes that you add to your Templates, whatever SEO Themes you use, the best optimisation a new blogger can get is from a kind recomendation from some super popular bloggers. That is the kickstart that I am still waiting for till today.

I guess like all bloggers, we long to get mentioned, whether by someone we do not know or someone we admire. We may not be able to influence others to mention us but the least is we can mention about others. Well, unless you are willing to ask someone to give a review of your site. Or pay for it.

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2 thoughts on “Why it is good to get mentioned by another blogger


    (April 25, 2007 - 4:26 pm)

    Thank you for mentioning me, not once but a couple of times oredi. And with that, I set up Blogsreview to give mention to others…for free, of course :)


    (April 25, 2007 - 7:41 pm)

    Yeah..I was one those reviewed by Pablo… HAHA

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