At the beginning of March, I tried to get back to work hard on making money online. For a few days, I did. I had a few paid posts which pays well. But along the way, once again, I dropped off.

Now, it is the last day of March already. My income is certainly lower than February. In fact, the income from Adsense for March is probably the lowest in the last one year. I see it as a trend that affects all Adsense publishers so I am not too worked up on that.

I had also left PayPerPost or IZEA and taken off the codes from a lot of my blogs. Some other paid post companies set down this rule of ‘choose us or PPP, either or, never both’ and due to the fifty USD cents gimmick by PayPerPost , I feel it is not worth to stick to PayPerPost anymore.

Meanwhile, I notice a trend in buying links in old posts. I am not sure if Google will eventually find out about this method of selling links. It is risky but it pays. So, I used it on some of my not-ever going to get PR blogs.

March has been a quiet month for me. There are no pagerank shake-ups, no new make money online buzz and nothing earth shattering.

So if you are new to blogging and think that blogging can make you money, sorry lah, you are too late. You missed the boat. The exciting journey was over. Gone were the days when I can call myself 12kmom.

However, for those of us who have a string of passive incomes, we are still doing fine. In fact, with my husband back to the work , I can splurge on digital stuffs again. I just bought a digital video camcorder yesterday. Now, I am planning for some exciting blogging project.

I don’t know if April is going to be a good or bad month. But what matters is I am not stressed out over the situation as I don’t depend on my blogging income. Thank God and hope things pick up soon.

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