Onward March ended with goofing

At the beginning of March, I tried to get back to work hard on making money online. For a few days, I did. I had a few paid posts which pays well. But along the way, once again, I dropped off. Now, it is the last day of March already. My income is certainly lower […]

So Menj bought Petaling Street Project?

Hmm….congrats, Menj! So, errm….are you going to be stricter than Aiz? Or is PPS going to remain status quo with all those footballs and not-funny at all webshites and those desperadoes who ping 100 posts at one go? But coming from one make money blogger to another, good move, Menj! LOL, I hope you don’t […]

Online income and recession

There is so much talk about the US recession being an L shape and Malaysia recession being a U shape and not a V shape etc etc. Being an average income family, I do not worry so much about the recession hitting my family. However, I can foresee it affecting my online income. Recession is […]

New Year resolutions or make money plan, we all need it

I am going to make some quick notes on the things I should be doing in 2009 where make money blogging is concerned. As we know, resolutions are stuffs people crap at the end of the year when the alcohol, parties, auld lang syne and foolish thoughts rule. Within a few weeks, we probably forget […]

Hard core blogging needs creativity

I was having dinner just now. A boring dinner that is not worth mentioning. A dinner that everyone have around the world. However, being the food blogger, I have to find conversation pieces in my every day meals because that’s what food bloggers do. We have to come up with something interesting to write. In […]