There is so much talk about the US recession being an L shape and Malaysia recession being a U shape and not a V shape etc etc. Being an average income family, I do not worry so much about the recession hitting my family.

However, I can foresee it affecting my online income. Recession is definitely going to affect the make money blogging sector. When companies stopped spending so much on advertising and consumers stopped shopping, the oasis will dry up and we will be fighting amongst ourselves to get a piece of the cake.

A lot of enterprising individuals are already promoting blogging for money as a way to supplement the daily wages. So, there are going to be an increase of bloggers in this already saturated blogosphere. When times are bad, more will resort to black hat methods which make it even harder to make money. One sneaky black hatter is equivalent to 100 or even more noob bloggers.

Then, we are going to see our blog posts being ripped and reuse by these new bloggers. As it is, a church friend already told me she is attending a blogging course, given free of charge by someone. This someone said blogging will make money and recipe blogs are the best money making blog. It was hinted that it is not hard to make recipe blogs because recipes are easily found in books. Good thing it was in church that the conversation took place or I will curse the person to hell. You see, the person gives free blogging lesson but sells webhosting and domain. I told my friend that blogging is free and one does not need to invest in any hosting or domain until one is very sure that blogging is enjoyable.

So has recession already affected your income? My blogging income was reduced several months ago but I think it was due to my diversion to do other things like taking up courses, doing volunteer work and spending time with my family. I do notice that advertisers are getting more demanding and only want high PR blogs. Some companies demand that we only blog for them and not other companies.

In a recession like this, we are at the mercies of the demanding companies and we either follow their rules or forget about making money blogging. Me? I will stick to my positive views that businesses still need to do their SEO and need to buy links and paid posts. They still need good quality blogs with good PR to do so. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to survive, albeit on lower income.

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