Money. Many people died over it. A lot of people got conned and scammed by the lure of it. People are always searching for ‘how to make money without money’ or ‘how to scam to make money’.

We can make money without money. But we need a lot of hard work to make money.


If we are not greedy, willing to work hard, stay focus and update ourselves every day, we can make money.


But people are always greedy like these ants. I was sitting in my car when I took the above two photos. I had a cup of Milo with me and I do not know why the ants died. Probably they got drowned in the sweet Milo? Too much of a good thing is not good anymore?

Anyway, it is payday for all Google Adsense publishers. Well, not all but those who are getting more than USD100 per month because Google only issue payment after your income is above USD100. Make sure you buy yourself something nice with that money you make. And buy something nice for others too.

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