I was sitting here and wondering why none of the companies have paid me. Usually, several companies pay me before the end of the month.

So, I waited and waited for the emails to come in. And there is none. Finally, I logged into my PayPal account and discovered that five payments have been sent to my PayPal account without the email notification. Strange…..

Of course, I was pleasantly surprised to see my PayPal getting fat again. I had withdrawn the maximum amount allowed by PayPal for today and hope the next few companies will also pay me by tonight. Funny thing is PayPal does sent me the withdrawal notice but not the funds remittance notice. Wonder if their email system has glitches or is this a new method? Did you get your emails? Chitika and a few other companies have paid!

I just love month ends and beginning of the month for the clinging and clanging of USD cents in my PayPal. Sigh…such a beautiful sound.

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