What I learned about SERP

I found out that it is easy to get on the first page or even first position on the first page of search results.

However, it is not easy to remain there for a long time.

Therefore, being solidly and firmly planted on the first page for hot keywords is indeed a skill and well thought out plans.

But sometimes, it is also through sheer luck.

What I can share with readers is – Remember to check your stats. If you have a hot page, keep it updated. If you like, write a new post and link it to that hot page.

For example, a very respected and much loved entertainer died in Hongkong. People googled for her and found my very old post where I just mentioned casually about being as fat and cheerful as her after eating too many donuts. For the sake of her fans, ahem, I updated that old post with details of her death. Amen. May Sum Tin Har rests in peace and may Fei Jeh’s soul blesses all her fans with much happiness.

For more tips, read my old post – Tend your blog like your garden where I mentioned about pot of gold in your old posts.

Back to my original title, how do one stays constantly king or queen in certain keywords on the search results? Well, I don’t know. I still do not know why my blog is still high on ‘make money’ and ‘how to make money’ keywords. Divine blessing, I suppose.

Post Author: lilian