Tend your blog like your garden

I have been busy these few days with endless number of things to do. And suddenly, this came to my mind. Many years back, I was crazy about gardening. It involves a lot of work.

Planting = writing new posts

Weeding = remove spams, useless ads, stuffs on sidebar and any posts that make not sense

Putting fertiliser = upgrade plugins, latest WordPress, new ways of boosting traffic etc

Trimming = improve on your old posts if they are driving traffic to your site

Fencing = LOL, like adding no-follow, if possible

Oh well…that’s about it.

One thing that some bloggers may have missed is the pot of gold buried in our old posts. That’s why we need to observe and analyze our traffic.

Know what are the few keywords that drive traffic to your site and improve on those pages. Do not leave the old pages as mere dead plants. They are the ones bearing fruits, i.e. bringing organic traffic which in turn translates into money.

Few days ago, an advertiser was being very frank in the PPP forum. He (or is it she) lamented about bloggers deleting post after 30 days of posting. Well, bloggers are not doing anything wrong as we are paid for the 30 days only. Howevever, this advertiser said that it is only after 90 days that our post will bring value to them. So, they are frustrated to see that lots of money were spent on mere 30 days.

Of course, I must repeat that I no longer have any paid posts on this blog. I am talking about my other PR 0 blogs. True enough, many of the paid posts I did for advertisers are appearing top on search engines even after a year. Do I delete them off? No, I leave them as I am too lazy to sieve through. Frankly, we do not owe the advertiser to keep the link. Some of my friends deleted off the links and leave the post. Again, it is our rights. After all how much do they expect for five bucks, right?

So, look at the overall health of your blog and do not just focus on the current ones. For example, I slept at 5 am yesterday because I suddenly have the urge to tend to one neglected site and went through upgrading, installing codes, add plugins, improve SEO with whatever knowledge I have and I submit the site to Google for reconsideration. It is a main domain which I have never used for paid posts but when my sub-domain was smacked, the whole thing went down together. Let’s see if I can get back the PR.

Oh, don’t forget to plant some new flowers for the next season = create new niche blogs

Happy Gardening!

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5 thoughts on “Tend your blog like your garden


    (January 29, 2008 - 3:27 pm)

    Yes…am planting. I am planting :D

    Spring burst forth the flowers’ glory ;) Time to make money this CNY with CNY related posts ;)

    […] For more tips, read my old post – Tend your blog like your garden where I mentioned about pot of gold in your old posts. […]


    (April 23, 2008 - 10:13 am)

    Yup, I can see the revenue is increasing for this month but I still can’t catch up with your 4 digits number la.

    Garden Gates

    (October 30, 2008 - 9:41 pm)

    Spring burst forth the flowers’ glory ;) Time to make money this CNY with CNY related posts ;)


    (March 2, 2009 - 11:08 pm)

    I got to agree with you. It’s not easy but I certainly need to be determined. :) Sighhh… it’s gonna take a very long time and lots of effort plus lots of nagging from darling wifey before I can make the break. Hehehe….

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