nuffnang – Ads coming to your blog on 25th March

I picked up this from nuffnang‘s newsflash :

We are rolling out our paid ads on the 25th of March 2007. If your blog gets 20 or more unique visits each day, there is a good chance your blog will be chosen to be in the first ad campaign.

Please ensure that your ad units are placed at the right positions on your blog.

So here’s the check list ;

1) Have you signed up with[tag] nuffnang[/tag] and placed their banner on your site yet?

2) Did you place it prominently at the top so that no one has to scroll all the way down to see the banner?

3) Does your blog has more than 20 unique visits?

If you answer yes to all, then, let’s wait together.

If you have not:

1) Signed up with nuffnang, go on do it now. What have you got to lose? Support [tag]Malaysian[/tag]!

2) Is your banner taking up too much precious ‘real estate’ space? This is something I learnt through PayPerPost’s Ted’s review of the posties’ blogs. Ditch those huge banners which serves no purpose. Keep those space for contents. Hehehe, i.e. if you are interested to monetize your blog.

3) Once you place nuffnang’s banners (a code you can easily copy and paste), they will be able to tell how many page views and unique hits you get per day. If you are interested to monetize your blog, i.e. then, it is time for you to expand your socialising circle and increase traffic. I shall elaborate more about that next time.

So, are you excited yet? Local ads on our blogs!

Post Author: lilian