Most make money bloggers will tell you about their addictions to checking blog traffic stats and also checking the pennies and cents that trickle in during the whole day. Sometimes, the addiction is so bad, we check almost everytime we are near the computer. Sometimes, we check every few minutes.

And when we are away for a few days to some foresaken island with no internet access, we will be squirming on the fabulous beaches, wondering how much we have made in our Adsense account, was traffic today better than yesterday and so on. When we first get home, we will login into all our accounts and start checking the stats for the last seven days. Normally, we are hardly away from the internet access for more than two nights. One week may cause us foaming in the mouth, grinding on the ground and hallucinating.

But I am glad that right now, this past week, I am out of rehab. Sometimes, I forget to check my Adsense for 2 days. I have not logged into my Chitika every day. I didn’t bother to check how much those banner ads are paying this month. I only logged into PayPal at the beginning of the month and middle of the month to withdraw my income.

I don’t check my AlRahji bank every day to see if my PayPal transaction is through. I don’t check my Adsense payment panel starting from 25th of the month. I only remember to withdraw Adsense through Western Union last Saturday.

So, yes! I am completely cured of my addiction to making money. Wait, it is not that I don’t have money coming in but the urge to check every few minutes is no longer there. Whoopee!

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