When we talk about make money online, it may not involve blogging at all. One can open some crummy online store selling products that give men a hard on HAHAHAHA or lubricant to menopausal women to get wet. Then, you can start a craze on fortune telling by selling things for good fortune for the year of the ox or peddle things to evade Nostradamus prediction that the world will end on December 21, 2012.

Fear, sex, love, money, beauty and all these are in very good demand. People want to look young, have lots of sex, get lots of hot chicks and hunks and they want to control their life destiny.

But these aren’t just my type of method to make money online. Of course, Google or any of those affiliate sales will insert some of these products into my blogs. Those are beyond my control. But I certainly won’t go full force to promote things like these eventhough I can make money selling things like that.

I just cannot imagine explaining to my sons when they ask me how I earn my money. “Oh…mommy just sold some cream to give an old man a hard on so that he can cheats on his wife and have sex all night long with his young girlfriend from Cambodia.” You get what I mean?

This is my Christian side talking and though some may not like it, I think the only way to make money online in 2009 is to continue what I am doing right now. Write some paid posts, sell some banner ads, place some Google Adsense and smuggle some links into the old posts in my blogs.

So, are you willing to sell one of those dodgy products just to make some money?

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