Look! Nuffnangers stalking my blogs!

I am not sure if Nuffnangers notice the Community panel on your Nuffnang dashboard? It is on the left side where the analytics are. I am not giving screenshots ‘cos you either know there it is or you don’t need to know in the first place.

It is something like MyBlogLog widget where it shows you who have came by your blog.

And muahahahar…I know who is stalking all my blogs. I have 12 blogs registered with Nuffnang and I know who my fans are based on the faces I see in every blogs.


On a serious note, I have informed Tim that I prefer Nuffnang gives us an option to choose whether we want show our visit or not. I do not like leaving footprints on blogs I stalked. That’s why I have disabled MyBlogLog as well. I don’t believe in community. I believe in invisibility when it comes to blog hopping. I am a spy……Lurking without tell tale signs……Because it is much more evil and wicked. Plus I hate it when I was signed in to MyBlogLog and people came by and leave comments ‘hey thanks for visiting my blog’. Doh, it made me so uncomfortable.

Lucky I work using two PCs, i.e. my Sony Vaio and iMac and two broadband providers. So I can still stalk using proxy, without cookies and without trace.

Just joking…I don’t surf blogs anymore because that was so yesterday. If I like a blog, I subscribe to it. If I don’t, they no longer matters.

But I do encourage new bloggers to visit more blogs, leave more footprints, gain more readers and make more friends.

Post Author: lilian