For make money bloggers like me, it is very important to note down all the milestones I achieve because it is an indication that things are going forward. Sometimes, the milestone can be as big as achieving the first USD15K at PayPerPost or RM20K at Nuffnang. By the way, I have long surpassed the RM20K at Nuffnang but I have kept a low profile over it as those are taxable income. If you make RM30K or more in a year, you have to declare your taxes, ok?

Sometimes, the milestone is just a baby step like making the first USD10. Big or small, it is good to pride ourselves so that we will continue to work harder to achieve bigger milestone.

Today, I am going to celebrate the first time I make USD100 in a month from Chitika. Since I installed Chitika Premium Ads, my ads income from Chitika has increased several folds.

Picture 3.png

It is very encouraging and I hope this income will continue to increase in the coming months.

The year is drawing to an end soon but I have yet to check the total amount of money I made online this year. Hopefully, when I have got rid of this flu that I am currently suffering from, I will be able to take stock and see how much I reaped from making money online. It is definitely less than 2007 and I hope 2009 will not drop further.

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