Why I tak tahan local Malaysia advertisers

I am going to rant. I cannot tak tahan. I love their money but I also got feelings wan, you know…… Local advertorial pays well. But you have to be some elitist bloggers (like me me me hehehe) to be noticed by local companies. Nay….don’t worry, no companies have ever noticed this blog so I […]

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak blog – Laman Web TPM

Well…if you are in the MMO and knows SEO, you will probably learn some things from here. If this post gives you the WTF and WTH, then, sorry lah. Hard to explain in this post. Anyway…….OT, I just want to note down that after our PM has his own Warkah Untuk Pak Lah, our Deputy […]

Your questions answered

I am too lazy to go back to the previous posts and reply some of the questions. So, let me do it here with some linky love for you. fake comment and hate comment.. which is worse? :P (vkeong) On impersonal blogs like this make money or my recipe blog, I don’t get hate comments. […]

Claiming money hassles

I have often written about preparing wills, buying insurance and stuffs like that. However, I didn’t know that it is such a hassles to clear up those necessary paperworks when a person died. Recently, my bro-in-law passed away after a short struggle with liver and kidney cancer. When he found out about his illness, he […]