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I am too lazy to go back to the previous posts and reply some of the questions. So, let me do it here with some linky love for you.

fake comment and hate comment.. which is worse? :P (vkeong)

On impersonal blogs like this make money or my recipe blog, I don’t get hate comments. But on my personal blog, sometimes I do intentionally stir shits to get excitement in the blogosphere. So, I would say, fake comment is boring because I need to delete them and hate comment is fun when it is me who instigate it.

I’m curious to know what happen to your smorty… u just ignored the warning? I’m planning to change my domain and hosting but afraid that i’ll have to refund the review money. How about PPP and SP? (slowcatchupkuan)

I never log in anymore. I still ‘owe’ them money but who cares…I have no intention of monetizing those blogs. However, in future, if I have any other new blogs, I can always open a new account. Muahahar..

Will google slapped our PageRank by writting paid post lilian ahyi ? Im worry about that..=.=” (kahoongchai)

This question is like asking me if the sky is blue. Please take your own initiative to read. I have written so many posts and so many times about being Google smack. I have a category on Pagerank. No one can spoonfeed you with answers every day.

I’m a newbie..

after our blog getting approved by linkworth, what we must to do?

wait for pending ads on our member area for start earning money?
or we must doing several steps to place somethin on blog?

thanks a lot

(manusia pejalan)

For Linkworth, we just have to wait. In fact, we always have to wait for advertisers so it is a bit depressing when no one buys. I have a section for Linkworth with all the tutorials which I hope to help.

Why can we sell text link ads? Some say text link ads is good to us to get back link.

Do you can describe it more. I am newbie on this. Sorry..

Do you have any text link on this blog?

This is really informative blog on make money online.

My pagerank rank is still N/A after two month.

Did i can join Socialspark event my PR N/A? (nasrun)

Nasrun, Google does not allow us to sell text links which leaks link juice. That means, if my blog has a PR 4, I cannot sell my links or I will get smack. But there are methods which I shall not reveal here. Do look through my old posts and see the various methods. I do not sell any text link ads on my selected blogs but I do sell it on other ‘unseen and unknown’ blogs. You can join Socialspark but I doubt you can find much paid posts because all advertisers want are pages with pagerank.

The next pagerank update probably is coming soon because the last one was April 30th. But don’t have too much hope of getting a pagerank cos Google is very strict. You need traffic, you need good relevant content and people linking to you.

I’m just starting on this, do they accept blogger blog? (blackcat)

I don’t think LinkXL works on blogger blog yet. But Kontera does.

I hope I didn’t miss out any other questions?

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    can one page blog got success?

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