No, I am not keyword stuffing. I am not trying to SEO these names too.

But these are the names used in Google Adwords. I found these names on Malaysia-Today website under links (by Google Adsense) and thought it is interesting why people pick on these names such as Lim Guan Eng, Badawi and etc?


I have checked the average CPC for Khairy and too bad, it doesn’t bring any good moolah for us bloggers. So forget about pwning Khairy Jamaluddin, will ya? I clicked on the links and found that they are all those ‘get rich quick, pendapatan dari rumah, RM500 tanpa kerja’ etc kind of sites. I wonder why they bother with these names? I still don’t understand fully how Adwords and Adsense works eventhough I have done a few campaigns using Google Adwords.


Meanwhile, I have a huge election erection but too bad the Viagra effect is tapering off. Otherwise, if I have a traffic of 40,000 page views per day, I will be very rich already. I even hit #8 spot on my PayPerPost RealRank for one day.


Now, I wonder what is the next big thing? Someone died but I don’t have the heart to pwn his name for the traffic. *sigh* Maybe I should try Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama?

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