We have read so much bullshits from internet marketeers who bluffed that they make tens of thousands USD from Google Adsense. It is always the ‘buy our program, instal and within 3 minutes, you will be making money from Google Adsense’.

Those are total lies. But if you have a lot of money to spare and experiment, by all means, indulge in it. However, do not get conned into parting with your money if you can ill afford it because they NEVER work. Ahahaha, talking from experience, so value it.

So, what I learnt from making money with Google Adsense is :

1) You need a site that attracts organic traffic, i.e. traffic from random surfers looking for something.

2) You need unique sites but even personal blog will do if you happen to hit on something that people search for. Eg. one day you may be talking about some bald politicians and in the post, you mentioned about wigs. So, let’s pretend that post was picked up by Google and appeared on the search result for wigs, you may have hit the golden goose and make lots of money from there.

3) You need lots of traffic to collect 3 cents to add up to 30 cents to add up to USD3 to ….etc etc.

Now, back to my question – What is your highest income from a single click on Google Adsense. You have heard internet marketeers boasting getting USD100 per click. You definitely have seen them posting screenshots and swearing over their mother’s grave that it is the truth that they do get shit loads of USD10 clicks. But my dear friends, in the real world where I lived in, the highest click I get so far is only a miserably USD3.69 per click. That is considered good for me because it is RM10+ in my currency. However, that happens as often as once in a blue moon.

So, what’s yours?

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