I am sure if you have signed up with TextLinkAds before, you will have received an email about the product InLinks. Selling links in this way seems like a cool thing to do because you do not need to do anything. Just put some plugin, and sit back to receive the money at the end of the month.

The links will be automatically inserted into your old blog posts. It seems very inconspicuous and tempting, isn’t it? However, you may want to read what Matt Cutts and TechCrunch said about this method of selling links on our blog to make money.

If you are new to this method of selling links in blog posts, you may want to take note that it can cause you to lose your pageranks. When you lose your pagerank, you will have difficulties getting back the pagerank. And without pagerank, people will not buy any more links from your site. So, weigh all these risks before making money selling links.

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