Confession – I am getting paid per post

After my last post, I had found another programme where bloggers get paid per post. The earlier programme was one where I was paid in advance into my Paypal account. I have yet to accept payment eventhough the temptation to click the accept button for USD125 is very great. But some of the links are topics which my faith forbids. Yeah, yeah….I have the saint and the horn one asking me to do something about it but I will be sitting on them until my Paypal offer expires in early November.

Anyway, about this new programme, it is much more acceptable to me because they are stricter and the advertisers are much more ermm…decent. I get to pick what I want to write about and those are things that I am very familiar with. So, in a way, it is sort of like picking up my blog topic for the day from the site.

I am only allowed to write for one blog right now until I have passed my probation period. So far, two of my blog posts were accepted and I have earned about USD11. Well, considering that I had written over 200 posts over the year for nothing, I don’t feel too guilty about sneaking in one or two promo links into a few of my blog posts. I have also categorised these blog posts under ‘Products’ so that readers will know that there is some element of marketing in my blog. After all, someone has to pay the hosting for my website, forum and blog, isn’t it?

Ultimately, I will stick to some principles:

  1. Don’t crap unless I know what I am writing about
  2. Don’t ping the post in PPS and flood public properties
  3. Don’t sell my soul
  4. Make it clear that there is some element of marketing by categorising
  5. Share my real experiences and write with real passion
  6. No copy and pasting
  7. Never lose the real purpose I started blogging – to share my parenting experiences
  8. Always find time to deal with real and important issues like when parents write to me for help
  9. Always remember never to let money clouded my views
  10. Place the interests of local, enterprising moms who work from home ahead of earning USD. (my main intention of giving cheap advertisement space to local moms was to encourage more mothers to stay home to take care of their kids while earning a living)

So, yeah, now that I got this off my chest…I am writing for money. Not every posts but a few of them. When this programme starts paying me, I will share the link with readers. Right now, I have to make sure that it pays first before I start recommending.

Last word – Sign up with Text Link Ads (banner on my sidebar) if you haven’t done so. I have earned more than USD500 this month just from TLA. It is one of the best so far, after Google Adsense. (bad news is TLA doesnt’ accept Blogspot’s blog)

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3 thoughts on “Confession – I am getting paid per post


    (October 16, 2006 - 11:57 pm)

    I read about PPP too. Jason Calcalani (sp) was thoroughly against it but he’s a bit of a biatch


    (October 17, 2006 - 3:47 am)

    LOL, suanie, ya that man is mean. After all, so many bloggers have been linking companies, restaurants, hotels in their review so what’s wrong with getting paid and doing it, right? PPP has a policy that bloggers can only post alternate PPP post and limited to three per day. Slimebucket, I am!

    Ah Pek

    (October 17, 2006 - 4:53 am)

    I saw that write for money thingy oso, buthen all the topics very intellectual, so i gave up.

    Phew! 500 US from TLAs. You can go pro liao! Since signing up from your other site, meself peanuts oso not yet see!!

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