I have a few new blogs on niche topics that are set up for Adsense income. (no, you do not know they exist :P ) Thanks to my spammers, I do not actually need to study and analyse too hard.

So, I have this great tip for you. Watch out and note down which are your posts that get spammed most with stupid comments like ‘I do not understand some part about blablabla topic but…’ or ‘Your post on etcetcetc blalblabla is awesome….’. These are all automatic spamming softwares that target specific keywords. They try to penetrate into our blog posts by leaving a link back to their site.

Those posts that are being spammed often means you have a goldmine there. Find out what are the keywords there that attract them and work on that old post.

I will also check the CPC value for those keywords and if they are worth optimizing, just make a few new posts on the same topic and link it to your old post. Of course, you need to be natural about it.

Thanks to my spammers, they have helped me to cut down time spent to analyse. These spammers are smart blackhatters (black hat = people who use tactics not allowed by the internet gods, white hats = people like me who go by the rules) who spent a lot of time to work on getting high paying keywords. They helped me to enhance my Adsense income. It is not even the middle of the month and I have doubled my Adsense income. Thank you, spammers. Keep coming. I love you all. Muackkkkkssss.

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