My SEO skills r veli gud

This is of course a joke, alright? If you have followed my personal blog, you will know that I get my thrills from hitting #1 or at least 1st page position on search engines. I had done it many times. Sometimes, it needs a little bit of cunning forethought. For example, when our country was awaiting the annual national budget announcement, I had already type a post waiting to be published. I use the title that I know most people will search on that day. I hit the published button the moment I heard a few words from our Prime Minister.

Sure enough, that evening, everyone will be Googling to find out what the next year national budget is. My silly post remained the top post for several weeks after that. It is way ahead of even the Ministry of Finance official website.

Same goes with the wedding of the decade where one of the most eligible singer married some old, moustached guy. I hit over 17K unique visits for several days. The post was so hot, I had to disable my comment section because people were either congratulating the singer (DOH, that’s my personal site, not hers!) or gossiping about her (like I care…she can marry a goat if she wants).

Few days ago, I got hold of my favourite Chinese New Year flowers call the pussy willow. Heh, take a look –


My post found here on

Oh boy, I am going to make many perverts weep. Muahahar. And I bet I will be making a fortune if I run a porn site. LOL.

Tips for everyone :
1) Use a relevant title with good keywords (in this case, Chinese, pussy)

2) Use the Autometa plugin if you are blogging from WordPress. I had written about it this autometa plugin the other day.

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2 thoughts on “My SEO skills r veli gud


    (February 5, 2007 - 5:25 am)

    I baru add the plugin just like a good student follow the sifu advise. Now, I can sleep soundly :)


    (February 6, 2007 - 3:58 am)

    lilian cici,
    maybe i look wrongly, but could you double-confirm ur PR? i saw u have PR 6 liao…. that’s damn keng!!!

    anyway – pls email me your paypal email to ashotiwoth AT – i registered for blogitive when i read this blog earlier and just got 2 paid posts approved! :) credits should be given where it’s due :)

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