I got an email from a new company in Malaysia. It goes like this :

Hi Ms Lilian Chan,


We are from blablabla and we’ve noticed that you are running text-ads (AdSense) on your website. We at blablabla can offer you a platform where you can start selling more banner-ads and text-ads on your site and get paid with better rates (80/20) and also in Malaysian Ringgit.

Who are we?
In a nutshell blablabla is first in Malaysia to offer bloggers and also webmasters a transparent marketplace where advertisers can buy ad spaces directly from publishers. At blablabla we strive to create an open and profitable advertising network that is win-win situation for both advertisers and publishers

blablabla can also work well with your existing advertisers. You have the ability to switch back to your existing advertiser automatically, if there are currently no adverts coming from CastClick.com. This will thus ensure maximum ad space fill for your blog, hence maximizing revenue.

Chey….think I was just born yesterday? Why would I want to sell my ad space in Malaysian Ringgit when I can sell them for USD at RM3.6 per USD1?

Next, think my blog is the back of the bus? Why would I want to carry local ads from very capalang companies? I prefer to have my agent, Nuffnang to secure the deal for me. At least with Nuffnang, I know they have a group of professionals (some of whom were friends with me even before they join Nuffnang) who knows who I am and won’t just stuff any ole’ kiam siap advertisers on me.

I have taken a look at your company website and there is nothing that turns me off than stupid bloggers vote bloggers’ blog to get popular. Keep it lah, friend.

But I wish you success. I have seen many US companies trying to live up to the same mission like yours and they have caplap already lor.

I hope local bloggers won’t be susceptible to all these offers because our grandma told us, “Pin dou yau kum tai jek kapna chui kai thiu?” (Where got such big bull frog jumping on the road? Bullfrogs are delicacies and hence, they rarely hop around for us to catch. Therefore, it means, no such thing as free lunches.)

My advice to personal bloggers who have good followers is not to commercialised your site too much with ads because it waters down your reputation. Ahem, look who is talking. HOHOHOHO.

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