5xmom SEO roxs while P1 Wimax suxs

It has been a while since I bother to check my blog stats. I have been busy with citizen journalism and especially video journalism. Sometimes, I have to spend four to five hours on location just to wait for something to take place. It is not rewarding in terms of monetary wise but the satisfaction […]

Are you a full-time make money blogger?

I have just withdrawn USD500 from Paypal. Phew….at least I still have money to withdraw. Lately, my income drops because I have blogged less. The interest to make money blogging seems to take second place nowadays. Maybe it is because my income is more a buffer than the main one so it doesn’t really matter […]

This blogger has two blogs on the top 35 blogs in Malaysia..

Actually, I have totally forgotten about Techno-roti and Alex-sai. I guess too many years of competing has made me jaded to these rankings and such. However, it is an honour to see two of my blogs up there on Riceblogger’s list of Top Malaysian blogs. I think my Best Recipe Blog at http://www.malaysiabest.net would rank […]

You stupid lameass Jackson of stupid domain chaching

You and all the worms of the earth probably do not know that you get peanuts stealing other bloggers’ blog posts and use it as your own. You should go back to your mother’s breast and learn that unless you work aka suck your mother’s breast, you won’t get milk. And you lame Jackson took […]

The news that make you go WTF….

I read this piece of news recently and it makes me go what the……… At my age, it is our responsibilities to have some money for rainy days, college fees and later on, university fees. So, we have to keep some of these money in the bank. It is very depressing that the interest rates […]

I have to say this..

So, all you morons with names like
All in one SEO
Make Money
Organic recipes
Online business
Best feather pillows

and the ilks

please get the hell outta my blog already.