Actually, I have totally forgotten about Techno-roti and Alex-sai. I guess too many years of competing has made me jaded to these rankings and such. However, it is an honour to see two of my blogs up there on Riceblogger’s list of Top Malaysian blogs.

I think my Best Recipe Blog at would rank very high because it has more traffic than my personal blog which is on position #15.

This Make Money blog is on #34 (or #33 if you notice my webhost Bryan has two rankings).

Thanks, Adi! It is a nice thing to feel ‘On the top of the world’ sometimes…

And sorry there are not much updates at the moment because I am deeply involved in video filming, video journalism and video editing. It is one of those passions that I pursue till the ends of the earth until I find something else to amuse myself. Right now, money is not so important to me. Making a difference in the lives of others through my video camera is.

Just a sample of the things I do lately….Until the money bug bites, I think I won’t be updating so often.

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