Polishing Matt Cutts of Google shoes

Our specialists
investigated and found that pornographic links and links related to
prescription drug offers have been injected into the bottom of your pages.
These links are only visible to web crawlers so you may not see them if
you view the source of your pages

Have you Review Ads on Google Adsense?

Google Adsense came up with this new feature yesterday. I just login to my Google Adsense and took a look at the advertisers advertising on my blogs. As I have quite a number of blogs, there are lots of different types of advertisers. One thing I notice. There are so many ads that I haven’t […]

Is your Adsense ads showing what you want to see?

This post is like two years too late but nevertheless, it may benefits new bloggers who want to make money from Adsense and blogging. You have heard that a lot of people makes a lot of money from Google Adsense. Yet, you have no luck and though you do get clicks, those clicks only pay […]