Zam zam ala kazam – I want to know my future PR

The internet is so darn slow. I made a posting earlier and it disappeared! So, I am not going to post anything to lessen the frustrations.

While I was in PPP’s forum, I noted an ongoing discussion on PR. PR matters to PPP posties because some advertisers state the PR they require. So, I am eagerly waiting for the PR shake-up from Google. I did a little check on PR prediction and guess what? This site predicts a PR5/10 for Make$ Money$. Fuwah! 5/10! No shite! Oh well, I am not going to believe it ‘cos it is too good to be true. If I can just get 3/10, I will be very happy already.

But I hope the prediction is accurate because it says my food blog, will get PR 61/0.

Dream on….And here’s another page to several PR prediction tools.

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1 thought on “Zam zam ala kazam – I want to know my future PR


    (January 10, 2007 - 5:11 am)

    My website http://www.TravelPenang.Com just PR updated. Got a PR2 … not bad for just 1-2 mths launch.

    The rest of my new websites got PR3, PR4 …

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