Your blog template seriously affects your Adsense!

Phew…and I had to learn it the hard way. I have excellent Adsense income with Problogger Clean by Tim Yang. It is the easiest template to instal because Tim already arranged everything nicely and all you need to do is to key in your Adsense publisher’s ID into the option and you are good to go.

Two days ago, I changed to a very nice template, with skyscrapper added on the right bar and small banner on the top, plus large rectangle just before the comment. But my Adsense dropped drastically.

Usually that site is the top earner but these two days, it ranked fifth placing. I shall not go into the CTR etc as it is against Google’s TOS. Just take my word for it. Your template is very important.

I am switching back to Tim Yang’s Problogger Clean again. Enough of experimenting.   I am going to change this Make$ Money$ blog to Problogger Clean too and see if my pathetic Adsense income from here can increase a wee bit.

BTW, Tim Yang doesn’t allow Malaysian IP so you gotta figure out how I got the template downloaded. :P I have another template call Adsminded by HiTech which fetch decent Adsense income too. You may want to try that as well. I am addicted to changing template, modifying codes, adding stuffs on the sidebar etc etc, so you have to believe me – Your template determines your Adsense income. Not just the ads placement, but the whole template itself. I have some theories why but I shall share that later.

Post Author: lilian