Your avatar matters

Actually, I never give much thought to avatars until an advertiser from UK mentioned it on PPP’s forum. Well, what he suggested did not go too well with some people. However, I have been observing this little picture that represents us since the UK investor mentioned it.

And guess what? I do see where he is coming from. If you are blogging for money, know that little avatar says a lot about you. If you are interested to be taken seriously as a blogger whom can write and present other companies products and services, you certainly do not want to use a picture of your tattoo butt.

Many moms like to use their cute little babies photo. But moms, and dads too, those are better use in parenting forums and not on your About Me page or some other social community like MyBlogLog, forums, paid-to-blog registrar and other online space where you intend to portray your professionalism. People who have potential to hire you to write or potential to place an advertisement on your site are more likely to feel better with adults and not little babies photos.

Time we seriously take a look at what sort of subtle messages we are projecting to potential advertisers, isn’t it? Do you notice that most probloggers have their real face as their avatar? Do you notice that many of them have a photo that looks serious? Urggh..until today, I cannot get that image of PhotoMatt in cowboy suit when he was a little boy, out of my mind. And yeah, I am trying to find an avatar of myself. I am still changing it every few weeks. Call it women fickle-mindness. I can’t decide on my best angle. Hehehe.

Post Author: lilian