You and all the worms of the earth probably do not know that you get peanuts stealing other bloggers’ blog posts and use it as your own. You should go back to your mother’s breast and learn that unless you work aka suck your mother’s breast, you won’t get milk.

And you lame Jackson took my blog posts, and have the nerve to post it as ‘Posted by Jackson’.

Next time, if you or another oxymoron wishes to make money, go learn about the trade. Stealing blog posts won’t help you. Especially those blogs about making money.

And for goodness sake, don’t be so stupid to steal posts and do not know how to make sure your pingbacks don’t show on the bloggers’ blog whom you stole the posts from. If you want to be a thief, know how to clean your arse after you shit.

UPDATED : LOL, the moron actually auto blogged the post I dissed him. Screenshot taken from his blog.


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