You know you are ‘working as a blogger’ when…

I have been busy with my two sons these two days and do not have as much time as usual to do much. However…I also realised something. How involved I am with my ‘work’ as a blogger. I lugged along my laptop to the corridors of the hospital yesterday. It involves a lot of waiting time while they were in the operating theatre and such.

They have wifi coverage all over the building but certain areas get weak signals. So, I was moving from corner to corner to find the best signal while remaining visible to the OT, in case the nurses pushed them out.

If I have not been a blogger, I wouldn’t have done this. But then again, I may be fidgeting and pacing the corridors. So, it is more productive to be a person who works as a blogger. :P

Another thing of course, is how important it is to prioritise. I had to see many fat opps getting away because I couldn’t sit down to catch them while attending to the kids. But I believe there are other times to earn money and most important thing is to be able to balance the time for everyone.

Post Author: lilian