WTF, kanasai!

My broadband went dead yesterday. So, I called 1-300-88-1515 for the world’s lousiest internet service provider Telekom Malaysia that provides Streamyx. I don’t expect to achieve anything from it but since the line is really, really dead I had no choice.

No matter how I told them there is nothing wrong with my modem, router, line, computer, internet configuration yadda yadda yadda, they still insist to walk me through the troubleshooting.

My house phone is not anywhere near my PC so it was so freaking irritating to repeat what they said while someone else do the job of plugging, unplugging, change DNS wateva.

Finally, they are satisfied that they need to make a report for me. After that, the line came back. I had asked them, “Just re-set whatever is on your side, there is nothing wrong with my home PC.” But they chose to waste my time and their personnel time.

Haih….today, they phoned again to see if the line is working. Yeah, it is. But the line is so slow…..I cannot log into Gmail unless I use basic html mode. Blogger blogspot takes a long time to download too. Forget about Youtube.

And the bad news is this slow speed is going on until after August 2nd because Streamyx is doing some maintenance. Their never ending, forever maintenance.

With this kind of internet speed, who has the mood to do any make money online project? I may as well switch off the Mac and go read a book.


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